Friday, 15 February 2008

Water go down the HOOOOOOOLE! Well, sometimes...

As most of you know, I have toilet issues. Well, that's not really true. What I have is Rachel. On that note, I'm compiling a list of Things Rachel Has Flushed. Please note that no form of bodily waste made this list...

Things Rachel Has Flushed:

Hotel-sized toiletries, still in their little containers. (Got stuck)
A rubber duck. (Surprisingly, went down.)
The legs off her barbies. (Got stuck.)
Her AND her sister's toothbrushes. (Got REALLY stuck, necessitating a late night toilet replacement)
The caps off of every toothpaste tube we've ever owned. (Went down.)
The hair she cut off while giving herself a "makeover". (Went down.)
A Magazine. (Parts went down, the spine was recovered.)
The contents of a Jumbo bottle of Bubblebath. (Eventually went down, though I didn't have to clean my toilet for like a month.)
Countless Lipglosses/Lipsticks. (All went down.)
Dice. (Went down.)
Tweezers. (Got stuck, but were recovered with a Toilet Snake.)
Every brussel sprout she's ever been given, pre-digested. (Down.)
Her sister's artwork. (Turned into a paper-mache mess, unsalvageable but recovered.)
Polly Pocket, with complete wardrobe and suitcase. (Went down, has been sighted on a beach in Australia.)
TWO toilet paper roll holders - the springy white part. (Status unknown. Unrecoverable by myself, but the toilet has never quite been the same.)

New rule: Flush ONE MORE THING, and Mommy flushes YOU to go get it!

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Mainegirl/Pauline said...

OMG is it the name??!~! Rachel! My RAchel tells me "mom, you didn't see me do it." Oh that gets me! My Rachel (just 4yrs) doesn't put anything but wayyyy too much tp in ours and we are having problems flushing that! Kira, I finally got to your blog. I guess I lhave a lot more to read.