Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Not Suitable for Those with Weak Stomachs:

Let's be clear about one thing. I have no problem dealing with poop. I do it every day. Wipe, Diaper, Repeat. I even use cloth diapers, so dealing with the messier messes is just part of my day. However, there is a difference between the mess an 8mo, new-to-solids baby makes, and that of a 5 year old with the runs. :( Poor Rachel.

How can I put this delicately?


I can't. She left a trail of poo from her bed, to the bathroom, and then all the way down the hall to the living room where I finally intercepted her. At least my cold is still controlling my sinuses, so I couldn't smell a thing! After I got the living room, hallway, and bathroom all sanitized, cleaned her all up and tucked her safe and sound back into a cleaned bed with her little sippy cup, I turned to leave and...

... Stepped BAREFOOT into a big squishy puddle of poo. I could have cried. I think a little part of me died in that moment.

Lesson Number One: Light up the house like a surgical suite when hunting poo. Leave no rug unturned, no chair unmoved.

Lesson Number Two: Wear shoes. Always.

Lesson Number Three: Sick child + Pull Up = A lot less to blog about. In a good way.

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