Sunday, 10 February 2008

Sunday Confessions - Feb. 10/08

  • I confess it's 12:36am, and I just made Rice Krispie squares - and will probably end up eating all of them by myself!
  • I confess that sometimes my blog makes up it's own edits and layouts, and it bugs me.
  • I confess that my 5 and 6 year olds are not very agreeable creatures.
  • I confess I DO think the "I Eat Mop" joke is funny! ;)
  • I confess that I hate the word "orientated". I know it's a "real" word - albeit a relatively new word - but I still don't like it. What's wrong with the origional word -> "orient"? Why do you need the extra "ate"? It just sounds like a double ending. It's like saying "believe you me". What the hell does that even MEAN? Ok, I feel better now. ;)
  • I confess I still nap when the baby does. When does this stop being allowable? Oh well, raising three kids by oneself is tiring.
  • I confess that if my lovely daughters tell me one more time that "she hit me/she pinched me/she's being mean/she's looking in my general direction" I'm going to lock myself in the bathroom with a bottle of wine. I thought only boys fought physically like this?!?
  • I confess Goodwill is getting a big bag from us today! HOW did my kids end up with all this dollar store CRAP??? And McDonalds toys take up a LOT of space for being so small...
  • I confess I've considered donating it ALL to Goodwill - maybe kids there will appreciate it. Hmmmm...
  • I confess I cleaned the kitchen, living room, and dining room in the time it took them to clear out HALF of what's under their bunk bed.
  • I confess I'm so frusterated with them I could cry.
  • I confess I wish Andrew was here to lay the Daddy Smackdown on them and get them straightened out.
  • I confess I can't clean without listening to the oldies, and it's all my mom's fault. ;)
  • I confess I'll be able to clothe all the homeless in my town after I finish cleaning out my closet. And they'll be the best-dressed homeless vagrants EVER!
  • I confess I get happy every time I log in and see my ticker going up up UP! Thank you!
  • I confess Finnigan is wearing sweatpants for the second day in a row. Those who know me know how painful this confession is! Lol.
  • I confess I'm going to bed early. Good night world.

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Kari-Anne said...

Love your confessions and I am going to clean Annalisa's room today as I know there is so much in her closet that is to small .
I am glad Finn enjoyed the video
Hope you have a good monday :o)