Saturday, 9 February 2008

"I'm hungry/I'm bored/I can't sleep and NOOOOOO!" 87 Ways Small Children Say "I'm Tired". Lesson One: Stalling.

Me: "Rachel, why are you out of bed?"
Rachel: "I wanna show you sumsin'."
M: "What do you want to show me?"
R: "Ummmmm..."
M: "Go to bed, you're tired."


Me: "Lillian, why are you out of bed?"
Lillian: "I'm hungry."
M: "What do you want?"
L: "I don't know."
M: "Bread? Apple? Steak dinner?"
L: I"'m just not hungry for any of those things."
M: "You're not hungry for anything. Your little brain is confused."
L: "No."
M: "Go to bed, you're tired.


Me (exasperated): "WHY are TWO GIRLS out of bed?!?!?!?
Both: "We can't sleep"
M: "You've been in bed for three seconds."
2: "We tried, but we just can't sleep."


Finnigan: "Gbsplxt?"
Me: "Go to bed, I'm tired."

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