Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Views from the Drivers Seat

Winter, in BC, seems to exist in a kind of stop-motion reality. Year after year it returns. And yet somehow each year drivers young and old seem amazed every time it does. In the interest of clearing up the confusion, I'll take the time to explain it to them. It's called SNOW. It's white, it's cold, it falls from the sky. Think of it as stray shavings from God's SNO-CONE maker. This "snow" makes roads slippery. Thus, one must compensate by slowing down from the muderous speeds one (most) seem to regularly function at. Tip: Take your lead-foot off the gas pedal. This does not mean you must slow down to a speed that even our Shaw friends the Snailskis would be bored at. Winter also, unfortunatly, means an increase in the need for Emergency Response Vehicles. You'll be able to identify these life-saving vehicles by the assortment of lights and sirens they utilize to capture your attention. A very loud large red truck full of firemen, with a ladder on top is one of these ERV's. A very loudly idling large red truck with brush guards and a middle-aged man trying to light his stogie is not. Now that you've identified such a critically important co-traveller, can you kindly GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY? I understand you are in a hurry to get to your destination, but unless you are on your way to single-handedly save the life of another human being who may very well expire if you do not arrive in the most timely manner, THIS MEANS YOU. Just move to the side, just for a moment. On behalf of heart-attack victims, blazing buildings, and bank managers being held at gunpoint everywhere, thank you.

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Amanda said...

amen to emergency vehicles...and might I add, when someone is smart enough to pull over for the emergency vehicle...don't be mean..let them back into traffic after!