Sunday, 3 February 2008

Sunday Confessions

Today is Sunday. I've decided to dedicate Sundays to confessing things about my universe that need saying. Don't expect a coherent pattern to any of it, it's just my way to declutter my mind and concience. :)

  • I confess I have a laundry pile that very closely resembles one of the Alps. Sometimes, late at night, I hear faint yodeling...
  • I confess my mother was the one who sorted said laundry pile. Thanks mom. :)
  • I confess that at 2:04pm, Finnigan is still in (half) his pajamas, sitting in his bumbo eating a cookie.
  • I confess that Banana Arrowroot does not come out of anything. Ever.
  • I confess that although I know nobody yet knows about this blog, and that this is only my second post, I'm still a little bit dissapointed that I've received no comments. I feel so in-sig-nificant. *Edit: Thank you for my FIRST comment Malisa! Mucho Hugs! :)
  • I confess that my two daughters drive me absolutely bat-shit crazy, but I can't imagine life without them.
  • I confess my blog just became pg-13 due to my last confession. ;)
  • I confess I hide sweets from my daughters and husband, otherwise I don't get any.
  • I confess that the next person who tells me I have a shopping problem isn't getting anything EVER from me that costs more than a hug.
  • I confess I fold laundry two loads at a time because it seems like less that way.
  • I confess that the one-way feud between my husband and the news lady on A-Channel makes me giggle.
  • I confess I really couldn't care less about the Superbowl if I TRIED. However, I've heard that Superbowl Sunday is one of the biggest days of the year for organ transplants, both coming and going. I guess that's something.

*This post has been edited. Repeatedly.


Sara said...

I'd like to leave a comment! I browse BabyCenter and even though I have a March '07 son for some reason I ended up on your birth board and came across your blog link! I enjoyed reading it. Keep having fun. I just started on myself.

iheartpamperedchef said...

Guess I am popping your blog comment cherry! Welcome to the world of blogging!!!

Candy said...

As someone who has tackled the Alps during a visit, I can attest to its existance. I will never tell you that you shop to much, instead you'll here me saying "Why didn't you take me with you!?!"

Dawn said...

I think you may have a shopping problem ;) but since I have the same one I think I will just schedule another shopping trip with you and we can call it therapy.

Tara said...

Oh are SO not insignificant! :)