Friday, 22 February 2008

Kira 1, Pizza Hut ZERO.

I ordered pizza online from Pizza Hut today. I checked the "Debit At The Door" option for payment. Two loaded pizzas, mmmmmm.
*FYI, my phone is BROKEN. Hence why I ordered online.*
So Mr. DeliveryBoy gets to my door with food in hand. He informs me that they do not "do" Debit At The Door in my area. ALLLLLL the other areas yes, mine no. Apparently Mr. ManagerMan had tried to call me to tell me this, but could not get through due to my broken phone. I informed Mr. DeliveryBoy that if DATD is not available in my area, it should not be offered in my area. I further informed Mr. DeliveryBoy that no, I did not wish to pay any other way. I chose DATD, and if he though he could arrive on my doorstep and suddenly change the gameplan, I would be quite willing to take my business elsewhere.

I got my pizzas for free.

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