Friday, 9 May 2008

8 o'clock and counting...

Our Movie Night Extravaganza started an hour ago. For the record, I've already gone through half a stick of butter, four cups of popcorn kernels, half a bottle of chocolate sauce, and FOUR LITRES OF MILK. We've had three fairly serious spills, two different children have had to go home and change, and I'm the proud new owner of a brand new, authentic Pop Corn Carpet. And we're only halfway through the movie.

One kid is three and doesn't speak a word of english. Well, no english I can understand anyway. "Dee dan di da door dot dah-dat" apparently means "please can I have more hot chocolate" though. See? We're making progress.

One kid is four and is completely enthralled with my microwave. He doesn't even care that it's not running, he just wants to push the button that opens the door, then close the door and repeat. Click, Slam! Click, Slam! Click, Slam! He's shown all the other children at least three times, too.

One kid reminds me of Moleman on The Simpsons. You know the one, the voice of dissent among the herd.

Me: Who wants a marshmallow in their hot chocolate?
Kids: ME!
Molekid: No thank you.

Me: Did everyone have enough popcorn?
Kids: YES!
Molekid: No.

Me: Which movie should we watch?
Molekid: Enchanted!

Sigh. Did I mention that Molekid was one of my own? That's right sweetie, dare to be different.

One kid, whenever they come here, goes into the dressup box and finds the panda costume and immediately puts it on. And wears it until they leave. So I have 10 regular children and one panda bear. I'm down with that, so long as it doesn't eat the bamboo in my bathroom.

Currently I have three kids actually watching the movie, one kid playing bubblebath in my bathroom sink, one kid ClickSlamming my microwave, one child trying in vain to extort money from the other children for attending this evenings festivities, two children on my front porch "getting fresh air" one kid gone home to change (again) and one has fallen asleep. And one panda bear wandering aimlessly throughout.

How long is this movie, anyway?

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