Friday, 2 May 2008

A POX on Pedigree's Ad people!!!

Those commercials are driving me CRAZY. Who on EARTH would want to listen to 30 full seconds of a DOG CHEWING??? What kind of DUMBASS thought up THAT??? I am hereby boycotting all things pedigree until they come out with a new series of commercials. Seriously people, your ads are disgusting. They absolutely make my skin crawl. Would you want to listen to a person chew noisily for an entire commercial just to advertise a restaurant? NO! Grow a brain!

Oh, and since I'm on the subject, listen up CMT! Airing those ads a hundered times a night is affecting your ratings. Seriously. I can't even flick through your station for fear you'll be airing YET ANOTHER slobbery disgusting chewing ad. BARF. If Tom Cavanaugh wasn't so dang cute on "Ed", I'd boycott your station altogether just for good measure.



Amanda said...

I have to speak from a rescue standpoint on the Pedigree commercials....They actually play a lot of commercials aimed at adopting rescued dogs.

I also think that the commercial with the large dog ( I can't remember if he was a Mastiff or Rottie right now) in the back seat of the car eating treats is really cute.....

Just my Opinion.

Kira said...

My point remains the same - they could have had the exact same commercial WITHOUT the disgusting chewing noises, and it would have been just as effective. :) I'm not putting a pox on the whole company, just the dingbat who thought up this commercial series. FWIW, I prefer the Maxwell House commercial that tells you blatantly that they COULD have spent a lot of money on a commercial, but instead gave it to some dog rescue place. Good for them!

It's not the commercials themselves that bother me, it's the fact that I have to listed to CHEWING the entire time. I want to hurl just thinking about it.

Idiotic ad people.