Thursday, 29 May 2008

Trust me - you don't want pictures

Today Finnigan had a MAJOR EXPLOSION of poo. The really FOUL smelling, watery kind. In the middle of the dining room. Then he proceeded to plunk his chunky butt right down in the middle of it, and smmmmmmeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr in in all directions as far as his little arms could reach. At this point it must have been quite slippery, because he reached his little arm out to perfect his fecal masterpiece, slipped, and did a perfect face-plant right into his mess. Lovely.


Double Ew.

Into the tub he went, clothes and (pointless!) diaper and all.

My amazing psychic powers tell me to expect MANY instances of Deja Vu regarding this incident in my not-so-distant future.

It may be time to lay off the fruit...

And where was I while this was all going on, you ask? All of four feet away, with my back turned, surfing the latest drama on BBC BHB of course!

He's a beast.


Teri said...

I wanna barf. Kids are gross and so is poo ;)

Cristin said...

Classic moment in poop history... I feel your pain... and laugh at you anyway....