Friday, 23 May 2008


Just because compiling it all took a long time, and because it's my blog and I'll post what I want to!

HOUSEHOLD: ß Ikea Cutlery, $10 ß 4-Cup Compact Coffeemaker, $10 ß Stoneware Nesting Bowls - Set of 3, $10 ß Gray Marble Lazy Susan, $10 ß Heart-Shaped Cake Pans (2), $5 ß Fruit-Motif Fruit Bowl!, $5 ß Candle Gazebo, $5 ß Large Glass vase, $10
BABY + KIDS ß TONKA Boots, Boys size 5 BNWT, $20 ß Lullaby Glowworms BNIB (2), $10ea. ß Baby to Toddler Bath/Shower Set, $20 ß Children’s Wooden Rocking Chair, $20 ß Giant Stuffed Horse, $20 ß Barely-Used Evenflo Travel System, $160 ß One-Shoulder Snugli, $20 ß Children’s Suspender Costumes (3), $10ea ß BNWT BabyGap Shoes Size 3, $20 ß LOT of Girls Toys, $20 ß LOT Toddler Boy Clothes, $10 ß Baby Boy Starter Kit/Stash/Gift Basket, $40
MISC. ß Vintage Vanity/Dressing Table, $400 ß Antique Pine Bedside Table, $50 ß Authentic Oilers Jersey NEW, $40 ß Fruit Motif Tealight Lamp, $7 ß Big Blue Glass Bottle, $7 ß Corn Husk/Straw Type Lady, $3 ß Candle in Decorative Ceramic Jar, $5 ß Christmas Chime Decoration, $3 ß Clear/Amber Glass “Purse”, $6 ß Radio/Tape Deck from ‘98 Malibu, $10 ß Makeup Train Case, $15 ß Green Wall-Mounted Tri-fold Mirror/Shelf, $20 ß Palm Tree Mini Desk, $10 ß Keychain Digital Camera, $10 ß Roots Computer Bag, $25 ß Basic Alarm Clock, $5 ß Basic Christmas Tree Stand, $10 ß KAMA SUTRA, $20
*Most prices are negotiable!*

Yeah, call me. ;)


Bridget said...

I am tagging you! Check out my blog for more info! Thank you!
That is actually a really good Idea to post these on your blog, I might need to steal this idea :)

Dawn said...

Do you have any idea how much I want one of those vintage vanity's. I am off to be jealous now. :(

Kira said...

Well Dawn, I just so happen to know where you can get one... ;) BTW, the pine nightstand matches it... (You have to imagine me saying this all in a sing-songey voice). Hehehehehe.

Dawn said...

I know where you live. I might just come visit and sneak it out. Im sure it would fit it my purse.