Thursday, 15 May 2008

Thith ith thtill THO thweet!

Lily was at a playdate today, bashed her face off of her friends bunkbed, and knocked out her two front teeth. Do we carry collision insurance with the toothfairy?


Teri said...

GAWD she's cute. Are ya leaving her a ten spot and dancing around in a tutu tonight sprinkling magic fairy dust (aka cheap ass glitter)?

Kira said...

I'd just like to add, for the record, that my husband seconds your vote of "dancing around in a tutu... sprinkling magic fairy dust". He's a freak.

And DAMN teri, is that the going rate for teeth these days? Can you send your flush toothfairy on over to MY house? ;)

Teri said...

Oh HELL no! We do quarters here. I'm cheap. :)

Mainegirl/Pauline said...

Kira, if the $10 tooth fairy came over, would you be looking under that pillow? Hmmmm I mean she does live there, maybe she should pay rent, LOL.

Oh and my dh would like that too but I don't think I'd even fit into any ballet clothes. Damn baby weight.