Saturday, 17 May 2008

Uh, oh yeah.

Tonight, for dinner, we had this:

Completely forgetting about this:



Mainegirl/Pauline said...

I'd say LOL, but I am sure that your Lil did not think that it was so funny. Ummm ouch!! Ok, with out the two teeth, she is still beautiful! :o)

Mike Styles said...

stupid forgetful Kika, still Lally looks cute with the whole Gretzke dental" look

Bridget said...

opsie! still a little funny though!

nicole said...

Mensch Mama.

You really don't need to starve your big girl and tease her like that.

Kira said...

Lol! After we caught our breath back from laughing so hard, we had to cut it off the cob in strips. Which she thought was very cool. Now I just KNOW that's how she's going to want it served from now until the end of time. Dammit.