Monday, 26 May 2008

Lillian and Rachel say:

Rachel: My favorite part of the zoo was the ducks and the pigs and the Pea Hawks.

Mommy: Rachel, we didn't see any pigs, and it's peacock.

R: Oh yeah, well they were my favorites. Because they're pink.

M: Those were flamingos, sweetie.

Rachel: Oh.

Lillian: Mommy, are ALL the pea hawks pink, or just the girls?

Mommy: They're flamingos, and yes, they're all pink.

L: But why aren't the boy pea hawks blue?

M: Peacocks ARE blue. The flamingos are pink.

L: But why aren't the PINK pea hawks blue?

M: Because they're flamingos, and they're pink because... Something about what they eat. It makes them pink.

L: If I eat what pea hawks eat, will I turn pink?

M: Flamingos, and no. You're as pink as you're going to get.

R: I think the pink pea hawks looked like princess pea hawks.

M: Flamingos.

R: Gramma even BOUGHT me a pea hawk.


L: I'm naming my pea hawk--


L: OK! But I'm naming it Sleeping Beauty!

(Right about now, the word "flamingo" started sounding REALLY weird.)

R: I wish my pea hawk was real.

M: Rachel, honey. Focus. It's a FLAMINGO.

L: But mine's a pea hawk, right mommy?

M: Does yours look just like Rachel's?

L: Yes.

M: Then it's a flamingo too.

L: Oh. Why?

M: *Openly weeping* I don't KNOOOWWWWW!!! Dear GOD MAKE THE TALKING STOP!!!


nicole said...


I am still laughing!

Thank god not just my kids are like that. Still laughing.

Bridget said...

HAHA!! But the flamingos are blue right? LOL