Thursday, 22 May 2008

100th POST! Taking stock of life:

Being that this is my 100th post - a very special milestone, if you ask me - I had a heck of a time coming up with something that would have a lasting impact on everyone who reads this blog. Something that would go down in history as changing the world. Maybe I could cure world hunger! Or bring peace to earth. Or maybe just figure out how to get a tank of gas for less than $60CAD... Failing ALL of that, I've decided to instead take stock of my own life. My personal history, thus far.

Self: Working on it. I've got a few overly-friendly pounds I'm wishing adieu, but not actually doing anything to show them the door. My hair is still frizzy, and I've still got freckles. I'm officially out of my "growing" years, so I seem destined to forever be 5' tall. I'd like whiter teeth. This is my major physical change I'd like to do. I'm down with my skin, it's still wrinkle-free. I've resigned myself to a life with absolutely shapeless eyebrows. I'm otherwise in perfect health. I've managed to keep all my own limbs thus far, and am learning to function on children-induced brain fade. My memory sucks, as do my math skills. No significant illnesses or medications. No life trauma other than the totally-normal-for-my-age loss of two grandparents, parental divorce, growing-up pains, and stretchmarks from bringing THREE kids into this world. I can see, hear, smell, taste, touch, think, speak and walk all by myself, with all proper, god-given appendages. I don't drink, smoke, or pop my gum. I've never gotten a traffic ticket (that I actually had to pay, see this post). Never been to jail, except in Monopoly, though I saw Alcatraz once. I've spent a fair share of time in the hospital, but I'm all better now. I've never fired a gun, never been robbed, never had anything of any significance stolen (insignificant things, however, are another post). Done a thing or two I'm not overly proud of, but nothing that impacted the rotation of the earth. I've never killed anyone. I have killed a great number of spiders, goldfish, and assorted creepy-crawlers. Try to not hold that against me.

Family: Working on that too. I have a husband, and one day we'll actually live together again. Our marriage bottomed out for a while, but we got our shit together and I think we're doing better than ever! Hey, once you hit rock bottom there's nowhere to go but up, right? Communication truely IS key. Three kids - all great. Two girls and a boy. More (hopefully) to follow, once we are all under one roof and I have a career that entails more than paper-pushing for somebody higher up. It's a 5-ish year plan in progress. My extended family is, for the most part, a train wreck. But I love them all anyway.

Career: Just read this post. This post too. Save me the time. Yet another aspect of my life that I'm working on. One day I'll be rich and famous for doing something I like to do and am good at, but that day is not today.

Home: Hmmm. Fine. Perpetual laundry and dishes, mopping and scrubbing. This is just a house though, a home will be something I have when I can stop throwing my money down the drain by renting. When Dear Husbands job is stable enough (meaning we're going to be in one place long enough) to buy, we will. I've got plenty of wishes and dreams, now I just need the walls.

Aspirations: Get my shit together so I'm on time, in the loop, and never playing catch-up. Cut out the bad in my life, embrace the good - people, places, AND things, as well as the intangible. Make more friends that I have stuff in common with. Make more of an effort to stay in touch with the ones I already have. Be more patient with those who deserve it. Be more direct with those who deserve that. Stick up for myself. Overhaul my finances and get THAT shit together - do it while I'm not in over my head. Stop and smell life's roses. Hold my babies tight, and photo/written document EVERYTHING. Take many, many more pictures. Actually sit down and write the damn books that have been taking up valuable brain-space, and get them out in the world. Put family FIRST. And second. And third. Learn how to properly apply eyeliner. Do a "Clean Sweep" of my wardrobe. Then do one for the rest of the house. Smile more, before I get frown lines. Learn to cook edible food. Master French. Learn sign language. Get off my duff. Be a little meaner sometimes - grow a backbone. Live to be 121 years old.

I think that about sums me up. Onward and outward!


Momto3LittleFlowers said...

This is a GREAT post!!! TFS!!!

Mainegirl/Pauline said...

Wow Kira, I just keep learning so much about you and I still like you! LOL!