Sunday, 4 May 2008

Another Rule for Craigslisting, ATK*

(*According To Kira)

12.) If you say you're going to come for something, PLEASE come for it! Not that I don't enjoy spending all day stuck at home with my piece of furniture you said you were "in love with", but in most cases I've got other people interested in the same piece who WOULD come and get it, but I've told them all it's pending YOUR pickup and then you never pick it up... Sheesh. Don't make me start posting "First come, first served", I don't like it!!!


Teri said...

Yet another reason why I love and hate Craigslist. Jackholes.

Anonymous said...

OMG I just had that happen! I listed my house on Craigslist and someone wanted to see it so I played hookey from work to clean and then they were a no show! Arggg. I think you should do first come first served. It would save you from wasting your time!