Friday, 9 May 2008

Fun With Google

There's a fun game making it's way around the interwebz. Google your name, followed by the word "needs". IE, I googled "Kira needs". This is what it gave me:

  • Kira needs call screening so that when a lunatic Cardassian calls her up, ...
  • Kira needs to sleep with somebody.
  • YouTube: Kira needs to sleep with somebody. (Yikes)
  • Kira deserves to rescue little ratz because she successfully passed her driving test today!!!
  • Kira needs ice skates.
  • Kira needs a middle name.
  • Kira needs a tutor. (Probably true, but for which subject?)
  • Kira needs a name and face to kill. (SHOOTKILLMAIMDESTROY everything.)
  • Kira needs an avvie-maker. (And then someone to tell her what that is)
  • Kira adjust to a normal life safe from harm. (Awww.)
  • Kira needs me. (And you would be...?)
  • Kira needs to make the color blue.
  • Kira needs to get a life, she is a hard grader, unfair, mean and cruel in her grading. (Ass Kissing: You're doin' it wrong.)
  • Kira Needs Money for a Personal Electronic Device. (This one made me shoot pepsi out of my nose. Now Kira Needs a new keyboard...)

Now do you. You know you want to!